Early in 1927 the track was relayed throughout and rumours circulated locally of restoration of local passenger services. This was not to be, but August Bank Holiday that year saw a rush of excursions using the newly laid track. These excursions ran to Hastings, Brighton, Margate and Ramsgate. A regular run was booked to Canterbury West every Wednesday from Lewisham Junction, as well as a number of Hop-Pickers specials in the season. The Hop-Pickers specials departed from London Bridge Low Level to destinations on the Kent & East Sussex Railway. Special stock was set aside for these trains consisting of antiquated S.E.& C.R. & L.C.& D.R. four wheel stock plus up to six luggage vans. Instructions were issued to staff that all stock should be de-loused after use and that hop pickers luggage should be specially labelled and kept apart from that of other passengers at railheads. A documented run on the 19th August 1948, when the quality of the rolling stock had improved, records the train consisting of an ex S.E.& C.R. six-coach set No.906 hauled by L1 1758 running from Northiam to London Bridge by way of Robertsbridge, Tonbridge and the Mid Kent.
Early in 1935 both tracks were again re-laid, this time with the addition of an electric conductor rail. The attending ballast trains provided an assortment of locomotives, including 4-4-0 'B1' No.1101 and 0-6-0 'C' No.2354 from Tonbridge and E3 No 2454 from Newhaven. At the same time Coombe Lane was rebuilt in Southern Railway style and renamed Coombe Road, Bingham Road Halt was also rebuilt as a station which was to have been called Ashburton, but for obvious reasons eventually retained the less attractive but accurate name of Bingham Road.
Selsdon Road remained unaltered except for the extension of the down branch platform and the demolition of the north signal box. Surprisingly the station was renamed plain Selsdon, very misleading if you
wanted Selsdon village two miles away uphill. The new electric trains started running with little publicity on 30th September 1935 from their terminus at Sanderstead to Charing Cross and Cannon Street. A half-hourly service was provided seven day a week with extra trains at peak hours. The opening day attracted a fair number of curious travellers, 400 being recorded using the as yet unfinished station at Bingham Road.

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