When the L.B.S.C.R. were operating the service a motor fitted terrier with a 'Balloon' coach were used, until 1913 when both of the Brighton railmotors were used on the branch running from Stoats Nest shed. Railmotor No.1 did not last very long in its new role and had to be sent to Brighton for repair in the November of the same year. No.2 managed to hold out until the S.E.C.R. took over again in July 1914.
The L.B.S.C.R. railmotors were built by BeyerPeacock and seated 48 third class passengers in two equal saloons connected by a sliding door. Both the Brighton railmotors were sold to the Trinidad Government in 1919. The railmotor era on this line ended on 15th march 1915 when the service was withdrawn as a wartime economy. Coombe Lane and Selsdon Road stayed open for the occasional through train but the halts were closed. Through traffic and goods services continued until the end of 1916 when the line was closed completely. The Oxted Line platforms and the goods yard at Selsdon Road were not affected by the closure. For the next year the only use of the line was for the storage of surplus wagons near Bingham Road Halt. About four years later the S.E.& C.R. resumed running their light engines from Purley to Hayes and soon after the daily pick-up goods from Bricklayers Arms to Tonbridge began calling at Woodside and Selsdon Road on its down run. The return trip was by way of Redhill and East Croydon.


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